All You Need To Know About Outpatient Program

For addiction treatment to work, it needs to be designed toward the individual. That means a person’s needs must be evaluated and plans made to fit those needs. A relapse while in recovery shouldn’t be seen as a failure, it is just another stepping stone and means their treatment should be altered.

The best treatment programs are changed as they go to fit the ever-changing needs of the addict in treatment. Outpatient treatment can take anywhere between three months to a year.

The Difference Between Outpatient And Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient treatment is generally made up of a residential program. This means the addicts stays 24/7 at a facility and has supervised treatment and is fully immersed. Outpatient treatment has a smaller cost and means that the addict can keep going forward with their daily life at home and work.

Each form of treatment has its positive parts. Inpatient treatment involves constant care and supervision, and the addict doesn’t have to worry about making their own choices. Outpatient treatment means they can learn right away how to cope with life without drugs.

Inpatient t treatment often involves having an aftercare plan as well. This is to make sure specific steps are adhered to and to keep an addict from a relapse. It helps them in their tradition back to daily life. Outpatient treatment generally doesn’t need that.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This type of treatment is actually between inpatient and outpatient. It is meant for people who don’t need detox or 24-hour care but still need more treatment than those in outpatient. Usually meaning they need more supervision.

There is usually a minimum set of hours required weekly for the addict to be present. They become less intensive over time and adjust as needed to the patient’s needs.

12-Step Participation

The 12-Step program is one of the most well-known programs out there. The steps are meant to be worked to help assist with sobriety goals and giving over their lives to a higher purpose, then seeking fulfillment after that. They admit powerlessness to a substance and le the higher power assist them.

If you are in an outpatient treatment program, it is usually recommended to find a 12-step group. This is because it gives you a community of support that is greatly needed to assist in your recovery process. People are more likely to be clean if they are part of a group like a 12-step program.

Support Of A Sponsor

A part of the 12-step program usually involves a sponsor. They are someone who has been clean a while and is a part of the program which is available day or night in case you need help to keep from using drugs.

They are meant to be a coach or a mentor to you as you learn to reenter regular life as a clean and sober person. There are many benefits to having a sponsor because many people don’t have the support they can contact as needed.