Calender of Events

At Narcotics Anonymous we love to be a part of our community. It is essential to reach out and help those as we can and spread the message to anyone who needs it. This means raising awareness and being able to be found by those with addiction.

There are many events we participate in within our community. It is crucial to foster connection and caring toward recovery. It can also help to participate in activities instead of wallowing at home.

Having a spare time when you first start recovery can be your worst enemy. Some people need more than regular meetings, they need community and family. We strive to supply that to help addicts keep from relapsing.

Here are some of the events we organize and participate in to help those who need it.

Monthly BBQ

Every month we have a barbeque and party at a local park. We mix up the venues to help bring our people together in different areas. They take place at parks, community centers, churches, backyards, and more.

We bring people together, and we talk about our lives and struggles over some well-cooked meat and pasta salad. Everyone is invited and welcome to contribute to the meal.

Book Club

We also have a book club that meets up weekly to talk about books as we read them. These are meant to facilitate conversation along with providing safe places to spend time without the threat of drugs or alcohol.

Every time a book is finished, there is a vote taken to decide the next one being read. It can be any book including popular fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry, or even graphic novels. It just depends on the vote.

A few chapters are read each week and then intimately discussed and applied to our lives. It is a great way to meet people and converse outside of their addiction struggles.

Fun Yoga For Beginners

We never try to take ourselves too seriously, that is why every Monday we have beginner’s yoga classes. They are meant to be silly, fun, relaxing, and just another way to socialize healthily.

It isn’t meant so much to strain your body as it is to help you relax and open up. Drugs can make you feel disassociated from yourself, so this is an excellent time for self-reflection or meditation. It also can just be fun.