Our Mission and Goals

At Narcotics Anonymous we want to help you remember what it is like to live life with the freedom you deserve. This means without drug or alcohol addiction tearing you down and keeping you from success.

Narcotics Anonymous is made up of men and women who seek to do nothing more than spread our goal of recovery to everyone and help them succeed. It doesn’t matter what you did in the past; what matters is what you want to do with your life now.  It matters what you want to change and how you want to do it. We are here to carry our message to any addict who may still suffer from their addiction.

If you think that you may have an addiction problem, then give us a call so that we can help you. Coming to one of our meetings can effectively change your life for the better. We will be the lifeline you need to step away from addiction.

Giving yourself up to a higher power and facing your shortcomings can improve your life. You deserve what life has to offer so don’t keep yourself from it. Be ready to admit your wrongdoings and make amends to those you have harmed.

Come to a meeting today!